The Three Forms of Clemency

Within just the felony justice technique, there is a judicial act that is referred to as “clemency.” There are a few principal types of clemency: 1) a reprieve, two) a commutation of sentence, or three) a pardon. Continue reading through to master what clemency means for a convict, and how each style of clemency functions.

Clemency is a further term for mercyleniency, or forgiveness. In the felony justice technique, it applies to convicted people today who are serving jail or jail time. It is an act that can only be conducted by an executive member of authorities underneath point out law it would be the governor, and underneath federal law it would be the President of the United States.

Clemency extends leniency to convicted inmate by providing alternatives for decreased imprisonment. As pointed out in the introduction, there are a few types of judicial leniency, which involve reprieves, commutations of sentences, and pardons.


A reprieve is available to sure qualifying inmates to suspend the execution of their sentence in purchase to give them extra time to have their sentence decreased. You see this sort of clemency most usually in money conditions, wherever an inmate is experiencing the dying penalty. By granting a reprieve, the inmate has extra time to charm the money punishment sentence.

Commutation of Sentence

A commutation of sentence is a sort of clemency that reduces a defendant’s sentence to a lesser penalty or jail term. Most usually, this is applied toward defendant’s whose sentence is imprisonment. Though this sort of clemency reduces or suspends a defendant’s jail time, it does not annul the genuine conviction.


It is widespread to hear of pardons in the flicks and on tv, but in authentic existence, pardons are extremely exceptional and considerably extra formal. In a primary sense, a pardon forgives a convicted individual of their crimes and penalties. Pardons can only be granted by a head of point out or major authorities official. They are frequently only awarded when a convicted individual has paid their “credit card debt to culture”, or is somehow worthy of being forgiven for the crime. Pardons do not void the conviction they just permit the individual off the hook following they have accomplished their time and paid the price tag of committing the crime.

Qualifications for Clemency

Clemency is usually reserved for humanitarian purposes. For illustration, if an inmate is extremely old or in have to have of in depth healthcare care, they may well be granted clemency for their crimes. In other illustrations, clemency may well be granted to those people whose sentences have been abnormal, or whose guilt was surrounded by question. Of study course, there are instances when clemency is granted as a favor to an executive’s political close friends or associates.

Clemency Petitions

Inmates have to request clemency by means of application or petition. Right before these petitions are reviewed by a head of authorities, most states demand the applications to be filed by way of a reviewing company, this kind of as the Condition Board of Pardon and Parole. Discuss to your reliable felony protection attorney for enable knowing your legal rights to sentence leniency.

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