Are Insurance Companies Exempt From Anti-Trust Laws?

There are some incredibly fascinating antitrust guidelines on our books that secure selected industries from dealing with this kind of obtuse and onerous regulations. Some believe that health care insurance plan corporations are fully exempt from antitrust policies and regulations. Whilst, there was some laws some 70-yrs in the past, it hardly shields insurance plan corporations nowadays, from antitrust regulations.

In the meantime, it seems that insurance plan corporations want the antitrust guidelines enforced on the United States government, which feels it can occur in and consider over personal enterprise like this. It is fascinating that the United States government feels by itself is not subject to antitrust guidelines as it nationalizes all of the biggest revenue manufacturing industries in the US.

For all those that will not believe that socialism is on the march, or that this Congress and administration are not socialist leaning in their laws and focus, I might like to say to them you have to be sporting blinders. Further, on this subject of insurance plan corporations and exemptions from antitrust guidelines I might like to say

For all those who believe that insurance plan corporations are exempt from our antitrust guidelines, definitely they do not recall Elliot Spitzer’s shake-down of the sector, ousting Hank Greenberg, which by the way led to the new CEO allowing their London Business to get into hassle insuring credit rating default swaps and home loan bundles.

In actuality, the planet world wide financial crash may not have happened experienced the prostitute using the services of Elliot Spitzer experienced not used his authority to shake-down AIG. Imagine about it, and why not do some study why not go go through DiLorenzo’s guide on “How Capitalism Saved The usa” or the Enterprise Aspect of “Authorities by Smoot.” Why not go through some of Milton Friedman, and Ludwig van Misses way too.

The reality is our antitrust guidelines in the United States have always been used in a way that is in opposition to capitalism, rather than for what is proper. Other nations are now subsequent suit, and applying antitrust regulations to enable their state owned corporations compete in opposition to cost-free enterprise corporations. This is a horrible slippery slope that we have produced, and we will be incredibly sorry in the foreseeable future. I am not pleased.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs theĀ Online Imagine Tank. Lance Winslow believes we want a reality examine ahead of nationalizing anymore industries.


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